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Track 2

TIC 3.0 – Supporting Cyber Modernization
Improving the security of federal government networks is a hallmark of the Administration’s Cyber EO – but also a key objective of CISA’s TIC 3.0 program. TIC 3.0’s focus on securing federal data, networks, and boundaries is critical to enabling infrastructure modernization efforts underway across agencies, introducing fundamental tenants of Zero Trust architecture, and providing visibility into agency network traffic in the cloud. This session will break down recent TIC 3.0 guidance and TIC’s role in cyber security modernization efforts.


Sean Connelly
TIC Program Manager and Senior Cybersecurity Architect, CISA
Department of Homeland Security
Director, Federal Civilian Agency Programs
Protect Your Privileged Accounts
Organizations implement privileged access management (PAM) to protect against the threats posed by credential theft and privilege misuse. Monitoring, controlling, and securing all identities across government agencies and systems is fundamental to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Join us as we discuss how to best secure infrastructures and applications to maintain confidentiality of sensitive government data – and how PAM can help agencies reduce cyberattacks.


Jay Gazlay
Information Security Specialist, CISA
Department of Homeland Security
Gram Slingbaum
Solutions Engineer, Federal