The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) is a Federal IT funding vehicle authorized by the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017. In its first three years, the TMF received $175 million in funding before receiving a massive infusion of $1 billion in the American Rescue Plan Act. MeriTalk surveyed more than 80 Federal executives to explore perspectives on the program and its future.


Automation Equation

In this new infographic, MeriTalk in partnership with Red Hat, explores the state of Federal enterprise automation and highlights the importance of opportunities related to DevSecOps, Zero Trust, and automation at the edge.


Push and Pull of Federal Cybersecurity

COVID-19 crystalized America’s innovation imperative, particularly around critical issues that sit at the nexus of policy, technology, and restoring trust in government. What are Americans’ biggest obstacles, and where do they see the greatest opportunities for improvement? What is the outlook on the future of American innovation? […]

Cyber Reset
Cyber Threat Tsunami

Government teams are perpetually in cybersecurity crisis mode. MeriTalk, in partnership with Dell Technologies and INTEGRITY Global Security (IGS), surveyed 300 government cybersecurity leaders across Federal, State, and Local organizations to explore the possibilities of a world where agencies no longer need to assume breach – and what it would take to get there.


Bite-Sized Cloud

Despite Federal agencies’ hunger for change, the idea of moving and modernizing myriad critical services from private servers to cloud infrastructure can seem overwhelming. […]

View into CDM
Braving Cloud Storm

MeriTalk, in partnership with RedSeal, explored the challenges of comprehensive multi-cloud security and the need for improved visibility. We examine the steps agencies are taking to clear the security fog and offer recommendations for finding calm in the cloud storm.



With two of the Cloud Strategy programs of record – the Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS) program and milCloud 2.0, it is clear there is a massive opportunity to transform the DoD mission with accelerated migration.


From Pilots to Proficiency
Automating the Hunt

What are the top motivations for nation-state attacks, and how prepared are most IT organizations to thwart them? In our “Automating the Hunt” infographic, MeriTalk partnered with Recorded Future to explore the answers.



MeriTalk’s latest installment of the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) research series, “CDM: More Critical Than Ever,” explores how the CDM program can help agencies build resilience after a series of high-profile cyberattacks involving SolarWinds Orion and Microsoft.


Power of Prediction

MeriTalk, in partnership with ServiceNow, surveyed 100 Federal IT decision-makers to explore modern IT Operations Management practices, looking at what tools and techniques are in place and which are needed to support resilient government service delivery.



The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digitization initiatives in the Federal government in order to maintain the mission.  So, almost a year later, what steps are agencies taking to continue their journeys toward becoming paperless organizations?


Zero the Hero

In the “Zero the Hero – Securing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud with Zero Trust” infographic, MeriTalk, in partnership with Splunk, explored governments’ zero trust goals and progress.


Command and Control

Amidst ever-evolving adversary threats and mission requirements, the need for cutting-edge defense is greater than ever. So how are Department of Defense (DoD) agencies prioritizing their technology modernization efforts, and how are they designing future-proof tech strategies to fortify our nation’s defense?


Spring Federal IT Forward

MeriTalk partnered with DLT and Quest to explore five key trends for 2021. We examine developments in cloud adoption, data center optimization, IT modernization, the IT workforce, and data as a strategic asset.


soar higher with cloud

MeriTalk, in partnership with AWS and DLT, surveyed 150 Federal IT managers to explore cloud compliance takeoff and turbulence. The infographic catalogs security priorities, identify data management needs, and offer recommendations to help agencies soar higher with cloud.


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Keeping up with – or preferably ahead of – advances in technology is absolutely necessary for those involved in government IT. MeriTalk features not only the latest research affecting federal technology, but also more in-depth studies that examine how those developments are likely to impact the government IT realm.

MeriTalk federal IT research covers a variety of subjects, including how to make the best use of Big Data, the safest use of cloud computing, and other cybersecurity topics that affect all government agencies.