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Opening Session – Debunking the Myths of Multi-Cloud

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In the growing age of IoT and hyper-connectivity, public sector IT organizations are actively shifting their focus from managing infrastructure to managing information in a multi-cloud environment.  While the cloud offers the flexibility and agility needed to support a modern government, misconceptions around data ownership and the responsibility of data management continue to deter broader cloud adoption, despite recent IT transformation initiatives.

Attend this session to debunk the data management myths with an effective multi-cloud strategy.  Get the inside track from David Noy, Vice President of Product Management of Veritas Product Organization, on how IT professionals can take a more integrated approach to data management to mitigate risks and achieve 360 degree visibility.

Session Speakers

Vice President
Product Management
Veritas Products Organization
Event Details
Willard Intercontinental
1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004
For additional information, please contact Courtney Gatto at or 703-883-9000 ext. 160.