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Session I: When IT Meets Mission – A DevSecOps Approach

Smart technologies are changing today’s Federal IT landscape by advancing modernization, but with new technology come new risks. From emerging threat vectors to new entry points for malicious attacks and more, balancing innovation with security remains an ongoing challenge for Federal agencies.

Attend this session to get the inside track on how to integrate security into the implementation of new technology – from AI to machine learning and more – with a DevSecOps strategy. Learn how a DevSecOps approach is successfully bridging the gap between IT and mission teams to strengthen agencies cyber posture – and accelerating IT transformation across the government.

Session Speakers

Caroline Boyd [moderator]
Director of Government Programs
Vice President, Federal
Deputy Chief Technology Officer
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security
Director of Digital Innovation and Solutions
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Department of Homeland Security