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Hybrid Hype – Staying Practical During the Transition

Providing the security of a private cloud and scalability of a public cloud, many agencies are implementing hybrid cloud models. This panel addresses how hybrid cloud is enabling agencies to better achieve their missions and keep costs down – get the inside track from leading government executives on what’s working – and what’s not – at their agencies.  We’ll discuss:

  • How is the shift to hybrid environments impacting government workloads?
  • What steps are needed to adopt and implement cloud correctly?
  • What’s the role of hybrid cloud in managing government data between on-premise resources and cloud solutions?
  • Is additional governance needed to help agencies through the transition to hybrid cloud environments?
  • What contract and procurement challenges are affecting the move to hybrid cloud?

Session Speakers

Steve O'Keeffe
Steve O'Keeffe [moderator]
Chief Technology Officer
Office of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary
U.S. Air Force
Senior Strategic Advisor
Federal Communications Commission
Michelle Sparrow-Walker
Systems and Integration Office
Department of State
Event Details
1777 F St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
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