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Running in the Shadows: Discovering, Managing, and Securing Hidden Threats

You can’t secure what you don’t know – especially when it comes to assets across government agencies. Unknown and shadow assets has been called out by the White House as the missing link to federal cyber security – from shadow development to rogue access points, personal devices, unauthorized commercial applications, or forgotten servers. What approaches are agencies using to discover and manage unknown and shadow assets running across departments? At a higher level, how are they addressing the issues that drive shadow development – from lack of flexibility for users to outdated or insufficient computing resources and slow acquisition cycles? What role is FITARA playing in addressing this security gap?

Session Speakers

John Chirhart [moderator]
Federal Technical Director
Chief Information Officer
Department of Commerce
Trevor Rudolph [invited]
Chief, Cyber and National Security Unit
Office of the U.S. Chief Information Officer
Office of Management and Budget
Event Details
Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
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