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Identity Management

Federal agencies are responding to the rapid demand for secure, easy to use, efficient, and most importantly interoperable identity management and credentialing for online services. Security is still a major concern as models evolve that move government toward a one-stop identity mechanism. The future of identity management is all about trust – validating users’ identities securely with a minimum of privacy disclosures. How quickly are agencies able to realize the NSTIC vision of an identity ecosystem – or federated identity? To what extent should agencies share identity management attributes? What level of savings can agencies expect to see through the use of interoperable products and services? What models and measures are currently working? What are the next steps?

Session Speakers

Senior Director
Strategic Programs
Assistant Inspector General
Department of the Treasury
Department of Homeland Security
Deputy Assistant Inspector General
Department of the Treasury
Event Details
Knight Conference Center at the Newseum
Washington, D.C.
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