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CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit

Join us for the “CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit,” a complimentary webinar on June 23 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, where we’ll discuss MeriTalk’s research findings, including how Federal agencies can leverage the CDM Program. […]

Zeroing in on Application and Data: 2022 Federal Zero Trust Maturity

In the final piece of a four-part webinar series, MeriTalk will sit down with IT industry and public sector experts to specifically address the Application and Data pillars of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. We’ll discuss optimal maturity, progress to date with Application and Data implementation, and expected challenges in inventory management, access authorization, governance capability, and automation and orchestration capability. […]

Cyber Defenders Celebration – May 2022 Cyber Smoke

We’ve seen a significant evolution of government approaches to cyber strategies through the pandemic, and it’s time to recognize those driving innovation and ensuring our nation’s cyber security. Socialize with cyber professionals across government and industry at Morton’s The Steakhouse on May 19 and celebrate the Cyber Defenders Award winners. […]

Cyber Central - Mission: Cyber Resilience

Join Federal government and industry experts on Thursday, May 19 at MeriTalk’s in-person Cyber Central to explore how agencies are advancing approaches to build a more resilient government cyber security posture. […]

Achieving Cyber Resiliency: A Roadmap to Protect Agency High Value Assets

Join MeriTalk and Cohesity for the “Achieving Cyber Resiliency: A Roadmap to Protect Agency High Value Assets” webinar on May 3 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, as we map out the top considerations for improving agency incident responses, restoring data, and strengthening cyber resiliency. […]

Zeroing in on Network

When it comes to the pillars of zero trust, three out of four say reaching optimum maturity will be a challenge, particularly for the Network pillar. But, why is that, and how can challenges be addressed? In part three of a four-part webinar series, MeriTalk will sit down with IT industry and public sector experts to specifically address the Network pillar of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. […]

Challenge Accepted: The March to Meet OMB's M-21-31

Agencies need to reframe their cyber threat detection methods to comply with M-21-31. With a host of new requirements, increased data collection and storage costs, and limited time, how can Federal cyber leaders get there quickly and effectively? Join us at “Challenge Accepted: The March to Meet OMB’s M-21-31” to hear experts break down the new requirements. […]

cyber smoke

Third Time’s the Charm – March 2022 Cyber Smoke Third time’s the charm – after an almost two year hiatus and a few false starts – the must-attend networking event for Fed IT and cyber professionals is back. Reunite and socialize with cyber professionals across government and industry at Morton’s the Steakhouse on March 24. […] […]

Zeroing In on Devices: 2022 Federal Zero Trust Maturity

While agencies strive to meet changing zero trust requirements, which of OMB’s security pillars (identity, device, network, application, and data) are taking precedence and which are falling behind? MeriTalk and Merlin Cyber surveyed more than 150 Federal cybersecurity executives to explore momentum, priorities, and challenges around the evolution to zero trust. […]

ServiceNow Federal Forum

What is the future of government work? It’s hybrid workspaces and human-centric user design. It’s the synergy of people, systems, and data for rapid adaption. It’s working smarter to create more, more quickly. It’s meaningful digital acceleration to enhance government customers’ key life experiences. […]

The Cyber Mousetrap - Bluprints for Better Resiliency - 2022
Zeroing in on Identity - Feb 2022 Webinar

While agencies strive to meet zero trust requirements, what roadblocks do they face? Which of OMB’s zero trust security goals (identity, devices, networks, applications, and data) are taking precedence and which are falling behind? MeriTalk and Merlin Cyber surveyed 150 Federal cybersecurity executives to explore momentum, priorities, and challenges around the evolution to zero trust. […]


Join MeriTalk for the “The Edge of AI: Federal AI Adoption” webinar on January 12, 2022 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EST to hear government and industry IT leaders discuss the state of Federal AI and what it means for agencies, Federal employees, and citizens alike. […]

Join us and a growing roster of Congressional participants on December 16 for the TMF Forward program. Our goal is to showcase the tangible value of TMF, build support, drive agency adoption, ensure future funding for this important program, and improve outcomes for all Americans. […]

Contact Center Success

For Federal agencies, modern contact centers are essential to delivering better, faster government services. These digital channels are the first touchpoint for collaboration with one another, with citizens and service members, and with industry partners – and ensuring a positive customer experience is essential to success. So, how can teams modernize their digital services to […] […]


The milCloud® 2.0 Bootcamp Series returns on November 17 in Arlington, Virginia. Join AWS and GDIT for a half-day event to explore how mission partners can leverage AWS GovCloud on milCloud® 2.0 to get the flexibility and choice needed to meet virtually any cloud need. […]

AFCEA Bethesda’s EIE Summit will convene leaders from Federal energy, infrastructure, and environment agencies to discuss the modernization efforts that must be undertaken to ensure a sustainable future. This event will include keynote addresses and panel discussions with government leaders – followed by a networking reception to close out the day. […]

Cyber Central

Join us as we explore increasingly hot button cyber issues that are top of mind in the new Administration, Congress, and wider cyber community. […]

AI World Government

The 3rd Annual AI World Government provides a comprehensive two-day forum to educate federal agency leaders on proven strategies and tactics to deploy AI and cognitive technologies. With AI technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, the current administration is announcing several new and updated AI initiatives. […]

Cyber Reset

StateRAMP, the new public-private partnership advocating for consistent approaches to cybersecurity standards from cloud providers in the state and local government (SLG) IT marketplace, is set to rewrite the script for how SLG IT organizations embrace and deploy secure cloud services. […]


Join us on September 30, 2021, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EDT to hear Fed IT experts discuss how the workforce is transforming and using cutting-edge solutions to create a safe, secure, and optimal environment for Federal employees to continue serving the mission, from anywhere and everywhere. […]

State Tech Vision

Please join MeriTalk for a virtual program to highlight the new federal stimulus program and related funding that’s been provided from Washington to boost state and local IT efforts and hear how they will be applying those funds for modernizing legacy case management systems, expanding broadband, improving cybersecurity, mitigating fraud and other initiatives. […]

Security as a Force Multiplier

It’s time to flip the paradigm…and see IT security teams and protocols as the “cloud accelerators” they are. Progressive security teams see the possibilities, but they need the right strategies, processes, and tools in place to make it happen. A zero-trust mindset is critical, but agencies also need a modern secure operations center (SOC) that […] […]

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack showed the American people that cybersecurity lapses can have real impacts on critical infrastructure safety and continuity across the nation. Join us as top experts from government and industry take a deep dive on the topic. […]

Optimizing Multi-Cloud

From Cloud First to Cloud Smart… might Cloud Strategic be next? If there will never be a Cloud Only or Cloud Always strategy, how do Federal data centers orchestrate hosting with multiple cloud vendors given policies that drive agency workloads to off-prem cloud instances but require mission-critical workloads to remain on-prem? Join us on August […] […]

Cyber Smoke

While it was stubbed out for much of 2020 as the pandemic took its toll on in-person events, we are excited to announce the return of MeriTalk’s Cyber Smoke. […]


MeriTalk surveyed more than 100 DoD IT decision makers to explore the impact enterprise cloud migration delays have on DoD missions, security, and costs. Join us for our complimentary webinar where we’ll discuss the research findings. […]

RedHat Tech Spotlight

Join us on the 4th Wednesday of each month for a Red Hat Technology Spotlight LIVE webinar hosted on MS Teams from 2PM-3PM EST. […]


Join CrowdStrike’s Fal.Con for Public Sector 2021 as we discuss how to protect and manage data, accelerate zero trust strategies, harness the latest threat intelligence, and more. […]


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