Federal agencies continue to confront the challenge of enabling and expanding telework as the need to protect against the spread of COVID-19 affects employees in a variety of roles nationwide. Last year, through technology and ingenuity, agencies rose to the challenge, deploying telework for many functions that previously did not seem suited to it. 2020 created a laboratory for experimenting with technical solutions, personnel management techniques, and security practices—and 2021 is pushing those same limits.



Across the U.S. government, Federal CISOs and CIOs are working to address potential vulnerabilities on the new “front lines” of defense: cybersecurity and the software supply chain. The SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline cyberattacks raised more widespread visibility and understanding of the impact of these threats, and in the months that have followed, a cadre of new mandates, draft legislation, and operational directives are taking aim at solving existing vulnerabilities and preventing new ones.